Our Sale Promise To You!

Our Sale Promise To You!

There are always jewellery sales around Christmas, and we all love a great deal, but how do you know what you are buying?

Here’s our promise to you this season – and all year round.


♦ Our original price will remain the same before and during the sale.

Ever purchase something on sale and then realize later that the original price of your item is still listed on the tag and it really wasn’t such a good deal? That it was marked-up higher so you only thought you were getting a good deal?
We don’t believe in that practice at A & A. Our original price will be the same before and during our sales.

You will receive the same high-quality piece when we have a sale.

We will not bring in low-quality goods from overseas just to stock the shelves during our sale. We don’t believe in selling something that is poor quality and then having you feel you are stuck with it! If we wouldn’t sell it to you on a regular day – why would we do it during a sale?! After all, we want you to love your heirloom pieces of fine jewellery, admire them daily, and be proud to hand them down to your loved ones for generations to come – so they can love them, too!

♦ We will be here to provide warranty for your A & A purchase.

We have all purchased something that we really love and then something goes wrong with it. Things happen! And most of us understand that. But when it’s a manufacturers fault, it’s under warranty, and it’s taken care of without investing more – that leaves us smiling!

Every piece of fine jewellery at A & A comes with a manufactures warranty against defects for at least one year!

If your new ring from A & A cannot be sized, we will order you a new one or find a suitable replacement.

Not all rings can be sized. It just depends on how the stones are set, what material it is made of and if it is solid or hollow. If we can’t size your new ring purchase from A & A, we ask the company to send a new one in your size. On the off chance that’s not possible, we’ll work with you to find you something you will love just as much!

And remember, with any ring purchase over $500.00 at A & A, sizing is free within 2 sizes, up or down!

Be confident in your purchase when you choose A & A!